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Social Media Management

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Local Businesses/ECommerce Marketplace

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Social Media Management
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Social Media Management
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Localisity was created by locals, for locals. We believe in the power of self-sufficiency, and in enabling retailers to thrive in their communities by offering superior services to their customers. We provide our retail partners the tools necessary to give their customers the modern conveniences they deserve, like online shopping, delivery, and customized product recommendations. 

We are looking for a Social Media Intern to assist with scheduling and maintaining Localisity's content and presence on our various social media platforms. They will be working directly with the Marketing Coordinator to this end.

This is an exciting time at Localisity, as our team grows and our little company expands at exponential rates. We are now building new features, meeting new retailers, forging new partnerships, creating more content, and learning so much every single day. As our Social Media Intern, you will be tasked on this creative mission to convey to our audience all the amazing things that we're up to. 
Project Deliverables
The Social Media Intern will: 
- Work with ZOHO Social for scheduling social media posts. Pre-existing knowledge of the platform is not required. 
- Participate in weekly phone calls with Localisity's Marketing Coordinator.
- Collaborate with team members to discuss ideas for content and creative strategy of social media campaigns.
- Grow the audience on Localisity's social media accounts by engaging with other brands and associations, and by inserting our brand's voice into existing/parallel discussions on social media platforms.
- Create and edit images, graphics, and copy for online use.
- Perform basic copywriting/editing skills.
- Track performance-driven metrics to evaluate the success of posts and to isolate opportunities for growth.
- Develop a brand platform that effectively communicates the mission and products being promoted by Localisity.

Location information

- Excellent oral and written communication skills.
- In-depth working knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.
- Experience with social media analytics, including Google Analytics and Facebook Insights.
- Basic knowledge of photo-editing software.
- Creative self-starter who is comfortable with both taking initiative and working in collaboration.
- Openness to learn, willingness to try anything, strong communication/writing skills and out of the box thinking to promote products in a unique and creative way.

- Practical experience with website launch and social media campaigns.
- Shadowing, mentoring, and training opportunities with experienced, knowledgeable professionals.
- Opportunity to participate in networking events and company meetings.
- Flexible schedule for students.

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Great student opportunity

For any students who have mastered the art of social media - this could be a great development opportunity!

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