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Next Generation CAD Software Benchmarking

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Next Generation CAD Software Benchmarking
Project Description
The internship effort involves the comprehensive benchmarking of various CAD software platforms. The goal is to create calibrate modeling exercises of increasing complexity to determine which software platform offers the most flexibility, efficiency, ease of use, and over visual appeal to realize the various calibrated tasks. The participants in this effort will be exposed to the latest CAD technology available including some that are not yet released to the general public.
Project Deliverables
Each participants will be requested to realize a series of exercises that will force the use a broad range of software functionality. The outcome of all those exercise will result in the creation of the complex modeling and assembly of a hair dryer. This will be done while the actual use of the software will be monitor in order to measure the execution productivity. The same hair dryer will be modeled using 3 different last generation CAD systems.

The model that will be use as a guideline for the exercises is available at

The execution comparison among the different systems and across all participants will form the basis for the benchmarking results. In addition to this hard measure, additional soft measures will be collected from the participants in the form of ratings for ease of use, elegance, and completeness of the functions available in each software system.


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This project will offer tremendous learning opportunities for the participants as they will be developing advanced geometry with the latest technology available on the market. The participation to the calibrated exercises will be remunerated.

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