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The Story behind Tethys Engineering

Tethys was the Titan Goddess of sources of fresh water that nourish the Earth. She was the mother of springs, streams and rivers protecting the essence of life. 

Tethys Engineering is based on the idea that Engineering is the fundamental source of progress, innovation, and growth desperately needed in today's competitive world.

The starting point of it all is our schools and our students, therefore Tethys engineering is on a mission to figure out a way to attract more students in engineering, offer them a richer learning environment, invite them to build real-experiences through a continuous stream of "real life" projects, and fundamentally change the economics of higher end education by offering a steady income for the work performed.

Tethys Engineering exists through the effort, passion, and commitment of a broad set of stakeholders ranging from college officials, software vendors, independent experts and coaches, small to large organizations and naturally the young engineering talent in our country

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