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Future of Transportation Research Competition

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Future of Transportation competition
Project Description
Tethys is looking for several teams of students to compete on a project that is targeted to serve the interest of strategy consulting firms. This exciting research competition will likely lead to a virtual apprenticeship program on the same topic. We are seeking to enlist small teams of top talent across multiple campus and disciplines to research the latest trends and insights dealing with the future of transportation. The students will build and maintain a comprehensive database as well as develop presentation material that draws out key facts and figures. A final presentation will be made to summarize the research and draw the main conclusions. These final reports will be featured on Tethys web site and other social network to promote the participants and the eventual winner.
Project Deliverables
- Online research various sources of information including news, publications, announcements, annual reports, analyst reviews, etc
- Capture of key facts and figures pertaining to various industry players
- Inventory of events, transactions, investments, etc that are shaping the future of the transpiration industry
- Organization of the information collected in an online database
- Creation of presentation material to communicate key facts, figures, and findings

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The competition require participating team to register with Tethys Engineering first and to be invited to one of the work group for the participating teams. Those workgroup will be moderated by Tethys Engineering. Students will receive coaching during the course of the competition which set to last throughout the summer of 2019. The participating team will receive feedback and coaching during the course of the program. A panel of experienced consultants will be evaluating the work of the participants against the following criteria:

- completeness of the research effort
- creativity in accessing and exploiting unique sources of information
- Initiative taking
- quality of organization of research material and related outputs
- quality of documentation of findings
- Insightfulness of conclusions

The winning team will get to present the result of their work and get direct interaction with partners in a leading strategy and management consulting firm.

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