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Student Apprenticeship

Develop New Skills
Get Work Done
Pay for College
Total Hours Billed
1200 +
Student Entries
77 +
Professionals and Coaches
22 +

A Growing Diversity of Internships and Engagements

We aspire to continuously grow the number of apprenticeship opportunities for students, the list below include some of the most recent engagements.

A Winning Proposition for Students and Businesses

We have re-invented apprenticeship bringing students and businesses to our online platform and ensure that all fresh graduates have already accumulated thousands of hours of experiences with the businesses to aspire to join.

Student Readiness

Acquire and develop valuable and practical skills in various disciplines through on-the-job learning

Pay for College

Generate a meaningful source of income to minimize student debt while working online

Certified Reviews

Build a robust resume with detailed and verified reviews for all projects worked on

Get Work Done

Engage students as independent contractors to deliver results on real projects on-line

Shape Talent

Start early shaping the critical skills you need your next generation of talent to have


Foster creativity, initiative taking and entrepreneurship before reaching graduation

It is Fast and Easy to Get Started and Contribute

I am a Student

We have built Tethys with you in mind and will continue to add rich features to help you grow. As a student you can:
  • Build your profile and get certified feedback and references from current or former employers where you took part to various apprenticeship experiences
  • Bring other students and employers to the platform and earn a commission on their level of activity
  • Take part to various projects and build experience, acquire new skills, develop relationships with employers of your choice, and earn an income to pay for college
  • Build knowledge and post courses that other students can consume in exchange for a small fee

I am a Business Professional

Tethys is designed for you to build intimate relationships with students, shape their development and get work done in the process. As a business professional you can:
  • Get work done with your team of motivated students working online from various campuses as independent contractors and let Tethys deal with administrative burden
  • Develop your apprenticeship program and bring your students along leveraging the Tethys feedback system and its e-learning features
  • Energize your captive student pool and create a variety of innovation challenges to unearth fresh ideas and spark creativity and entrepreneurship 
  • Re-invent your campus recruiting and make it a policy to never hire again any your graduate that hasn't already worked with your organization for 000s of hours

I am a Coach

Your are passionate about helping the next generation of talent be ready for an increasingly competitive world. As a coach you can:
  • Take part to active projects to support the objectives of various businesses involved on Tethys and get paid to provide the student coaching and oversight that might be required 
  • Organize student teams with specific set of competencies, promote them to new businesses and earn an ongoing commission in the process
  • Organize your knowledge and expertise as courses on Tethys' e-learning system and get paid when it is consumed by others 
  • Get rated by students and businesses for your coaching contributions and earn a unique position on the Tethys platform

We Assembled a Rich Portfolio of Capabilities

From a comprehensive set of social networking features to a full blown e-commerce platform, students can run their own professional services business while in school. We will be listening to our users and evolve our offering so don't hesitate to reach out and share your ideas.


Businesses can post internship listings and get students to express interest for them. In turn, students can browse and find various opportunities available or review past activities and the ratings that were submitted by participants.


It provides an eLearning market place. Participants can either create and sell learning content, or consume as a student. Businesses can use the eLearning to create content for students in order to further develop their skills along a define apprenticeship path.


It is the underlying social network that enables collaboration on Tethys. It allows participants to develop content, create connections, and participate to apprenticeship activities in private groups organized by various businesses.

Software Access

Tethys offers access to a growing list of commercial software for students to be used in "for profit" activities. Businesses can also use our managed Amazon application streaming services to allow students access to software licenses already owned. Contact us for more info


It provides the core functionality to build a rich journal that captures the student's apprenticeship journey. It allows you to create apprenticeship entries in 3 different categories: Experiences, Know-How and Achievements

Business tools

We offer the market place where participants can create a "store", promote "products" and "services" and get customers to buy. On Tethys, students run their own businesses as independent contractors and get paid directly into their personal online accounts.

Want to Help Us Grow?

We are creating various options for those that share our passion for apprenticeship and for helping students to pay for college to get engage. See below for more information or simply contact us

Sponsorship Programs

Bring your enthusiasm, your energy, and your relationships to Tethys and earn a commission for the activity you help create in addition of feeling good about it.

Sponsor a Business

Get businesses to develop and run apprenticeship programs on Tethys, nurture the relationship and earn a commission for every hour of billed

Sponsor a Campus

Get students on a campus to organize and build apprenticeship experiences with a variety of businesses and earn a commission in the process

Meet Our Students

Our community of students is evolving constantly but here are a few of them that are taking a learship role in growing Tethys. Don't hesitate to contact them


Arizona State University


Georgia Institute of Technology


California Polytechnic State University


We offer various subscriptions to participate to the Tethys Community, once inside you will see that each student has the options to create a variety of services and call their own hourly rates. In addition, commercial software packages are also priced independently.


All participatns can access Tethys' core functionality for free and build a profile, post internships and start building relationships.


During active internship programs, participants need to upgrade to access the full functionality of Tethys.

See What Customer Have Been Up To on Tethys

In our early debut, we have seen businesses and students collaborate on a wide diversity of projects. Success can take many different shapes on Tethys, all it requires is motivated parties and the right project setup to enable the creativity and entusiam of our next generation of talent.

Vocational Truck Manufacturer
SOLIDWORKS Engineering Support 
Development of various SOLDIWORKS design automation tools for the engineering department of a small vocational truck manufacturer.
Robotic Pool Cleaner StartUp
SOLIDWORKS Models and Drawings Creation
Rebuilding correctly the 3D models and the drawings for the manufacturing of all components of a plastic injection molded device.
Large Global Consulting firms
Technical and Market Research 
Supported several teams with a variety of primary research, interviews, as well as development of databases and presentation material.
Leading Medical Device Manufacturer
Benchmarking Program Support 
Tear down, 3D digitization, rebuilding of a digital twin, and manufacturing cost estimation for a complex surgery X-ray machine
Major Automotive Electronics Tier 1
Manufacturing Test Bench Automation 
Development of mechatronics and software elements needed to automate a test bench for automotive camera calibration.
Aftermarket Auto Part Manufacturer
Technical purchasing support 
Verification of technical requirements and creation of Request-for-quote packages in support of purchasing professionals.
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