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My Experience on Tethys Engineering

​I am a privileged kid and I know I will be able to finish university without any debt. Although this is the case, I certainly want to assist in lessening the financial burden that university will impose on my parents. I also want to advocate a way in preventing students, who aren't as fortunate, from being buried debt after graduation. S...

Tethys Engineering has existed for a few years now but it is in the recent past that the platform matured enough to help a meaningful number of students getting involved in virtual internship projects. These projects provided real experiences aligned with the student's academic program and created at the same time a meaningful source of income...
SOLIDWORKS  on Tethys Engineering Tethys Engineering makes it possible for students to work with a commercial license of SOLIDWORKS for the purpose of participating to online internships. It offers a unique opportunity for students to gain valuable experience while earning an income to help pay for tuition. In addition, students can ...
​For my first project with Tethys, I was connected with an entrepreneur who wanted a 3D Solidworks model that he could present to potential investors for his innovative fire fighting water tower. Working on this project benefited me in a variety of ways. Firstly, it gave me the opportunity to apply the knowledge I learned in class to a real, significant project. It also forced me to deal with a variety of issues that accompany most projects, improving my communication and planning skills. After a few iterations, I produced a final model that demonstrated the novelty of the customer's design. Looking back, this project was a great learning experience whose end product was actually useful. For any interested party, I would whole heartedly recommend Tethys. As a student, it is a great opportunity to develop or refine technical skills that are essential in growing as a budding engineer. It is also a great way to earn some extra money working from the comfort of your home/dorm. For businesses, those tasks that are beneath full time engineers can be valuable practical learning experiences for engineering students. Tethys helps to bridge the gap between the theoretical knowledge that a student learns at school and the practical know-how that is required to become a successful engineer.
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